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Umarex Colt 1911 Special Combat Classic Steel BBs Airgun.

Umarex Colt 1911 Special

Combat Classic 

CO2 Powered

Steel BBs Airgun



If you love 1911 guns, the Colt 1911 Special Combat Classic CO2 pistol belongs in your collection. When you pick it up, you'll be impressed by the weight, size and realism. Put it next to your 1911 firearm and marvel at the realistic features built into this gun. Shoot all day and never pay another range fee. Pay less for 10,000 rds for this gun than you would for 50 rds of .45 ACP to feed your firearm!

 We tested this gun, and it delivers 400 fps. The owner's manual says it shoots 360 fps.



  • Colt 1911 Special Combat Classic
  • Semi-auto
  • Uses a 12-gram CO2 cartridge
  • 20 rd removable BB clip
  • Fully adjustable rear sight
  • Fixed front sight has a white alignment dot
  • Double-/single-action
  • Manual safety (1911 grip safety is non-functional)
  • Weaver accessory rail under the barrel
  • Mostly metal with plastic grips
  • Up to 100 shots per CO2 cartridge


Trigger Pull: 

The trigger pull on the Umarex Colt Special Combat is very nice in both single and double action mode with the single action having an extremely light pull making it very easy to shoot on target.



I shot this air gun at a target from 20 feet away in a free standing position, and it performed well getting a 2 inch grouping close to the center of the target. The sights can be adjusted for your individual shooting style. My Chrony testing with a five shot averaged result was 387 fps.

Build Quality: 

This is an almost all metal air gun with good fit and finish and a nice hefty 2.1 pound weight to it. You really can't ask for much more! The only plastic parts to speak of are the grips and the CO2 screw tab. In a perfect world, real wood grips and an allen key based CO2 screw would really finish this gun off nicely.



The Umarex Colt Special Combat is a licensed replica of the real 45 auto 1911 pistol. It is a very close looking copy of a 1911 pistol with the exception of the trigger mechanism.


Technical Data:

Caliber 0.177" (4.5mm)
Max Velocity 400 fps
Loudness 4-Medium-High
Barrel Length 5.04"
Overall Length 8.58"
Shot Capacity 20
Barrel Smooth bore
Front Sight Blade
Rear Sight Adjustable for windage & elevation
Scopeable No
Buttplate None
Suggested for Plinking/Fun
Action Semiautomatic
Safety Manual
Powerplant CO2
Function Repeater
Trigger Action Double-Action & Single-Action
Max Shots per Fill 100
Body Type Pistol
Weight 2.05 lbs


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The Umarex Colt Special Combat is a real collectors item and a real looker of an airgun. It is a great BB gun to own and shoot and there isn't really too much more you can ask for in a replica airgun
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