Tahir Pathan VS Zubair Episode 3 - Scopes and Barrels

Tahir Pathan VS Zubair Episode 3

Just a few days ago Tahir pathan and Zubair went face to face for the third time. So far in this series both have them are tied up at 1-1. Who will take the W this time and take the lead in this series?So lets see what Pistols both of them have chosen this time.

Hmm Tahir is going with Smith And Wesson's M&P9L; A VERY interesting choice, a semi-automatic CO2 pistol with a 15 round magazine. It comes with a adjustable grip and attachments like a laser or torch can be added and It's speciality is that it is a full Blowback CO2 pistol. Let's see if Tahir can secure the win with this weapon. CLICK HERE to read more about this pistol or to place your order.

Ohh Zubair went with a Glock 19x; It is a one hell of a CO2 pistol! It's lower frame is a replica of glock 17 and the upper slide is a replica of the Glock 19, it comes with a small sight which will for sure give him the upper hand. It's magazine can hold up to 18 rounds and is also a blowback pistol. It' has a double safety feature. Pretty sure Tahir is regretting his decision but who knows he can score an upset. CLICK HERE to read more about this pistol or to place your order.

 OH wow that was flawless, congrats Zubair what a win! That bring the score in this series to 2-1. Glock 19x is superior! CLICK HERE to visit our youtube channel to watch more reviews and unboxings. For more details feel free to contact us on Facbook or WhatsApp 0321-2060909. Take care and stay safe! 

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