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Heckler & Koch VP9 BY Umarex

Known as the SFP9 in Germany and as the VP9 on the international market, this pistol is a favorite among enthusiasts. The textured grip, like that of the original, gives you good control of recoil

Licensed by Heckler & Koch via Umarex this Co2 Air pistol is a piece of art, it is a replica of the original H&K VP9 9mm pistol.The textured grip, like that of the original, gives you good control of recoil.

This blowback version looks and feels realistic, its safety is well a little underwhelming because its safety switch is on the right side of the frame and its fairly small so it does not catch the eye that easily.

The Heckler & Koch did an amazing job with this replica, it only weighs 644 grams and is made with metal and polymer. Its magazine can hold up to 18 rounds of 4.5 mm of steel BBs and it uses a Co2 Capsule as its power source. Its barrel is just 4.13 inches long which can give the velocity of up to 350 FPS. Oh almost forgot, this gun offers semi auto single and double action trigger and it has an accessory rail so that you can add a laser or a tactical torch. 

I cannot stress how great this gun is, it’s a MUST buy for collectors and enthusiasts and yes it does has some very minor flaws with the safety and everything but it’s still amazing.


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