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Artemis SR1000S Airgun (.22 Cal Synthetic Black Stock)

Artemis SR1000S Airgun

.22 Cal

Synthetic Black Stock

The SR1000S Air gun allows higher velocity, less vibration  and a longer  lifespan than  the traditional  spring  powered  air guns.
The SR1000S Air gun also features the well known  whisper  noise  damping  technology.
This pellet air gun also features  the smooth  action  trigger that allows the shooter that maximize  the  pinpoint  accuracy.
It also has an improved recoil pad, the shock wave absorber that absorbs the recoil of the air gun when shooting.


* High Shooting Accuracy & High Velocity

* Steady Power and Long Lifetime

* Less Breaking Force

* Manual safety

* Adjustable Trigger Pull

* The Front Sight  is Integrated with the Suppressor


Technical Data:     

Model Artemis SR1000S
 Caliber  5.5 mm
Power Ordinary Spring/ Gas Spring 
Velocity 750 fps   
Weight 3.0 Kgs
Made  China        
Price (Approx.)  8,500 to 9,000 
Trigger Adjustment  Yes (2-stage)
Suppressor Yes
Picatinny Rail Yes


SR1000S is one of the most finest creations of Artemis which is not only a high power accurate airgun but is also price friendly to its fans!


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