A Traditional Addition for your Backyard Plinking Stuff. Umarex Tornado Co2 Steel BBs Revolver. - Scopes and Barrels

A Traditional Addition for your Backyard Plinking Stuff. Umarex Tornado Co2 Steel BBs Revolver.


The Umarex Tornado

CO2 Steel BBs



Umarex have a wide range of air pistols and Airsoft pistols. The Umarex Tornado, or as it’s called in the USA and Canada the Brodax is a CO2 air pistol that fires 4.5 steel BBs at 375 fps. The frame is an all polymer construction although the internals are metal, including the 5.5” smooth bore barrel, trigger and hammer. Just to the rear of the hammer is a safety catch. Once the hammer is down the safety can be engaged to stop the Tornado being cocked into the single action condition or being fired in double action. It is also supplied with three 10 shot disk style rotary magazines

The UX brand is synonymous with innovative ideas and attractive prices.



Umarex give you plenty of opportunity to add accessories with a picatinny rail on the top and below the barrel. 


The 12 g CO2 capsule is housed inside the substantial and very well proportioned grip. The finger indentations make it an extremely comfortable pistol to hold.To load a CO2 capsule the left hand side of the grip needs to be removed. There is a small notch in the underside that you need to push outwards. It’s a very snug fit and quite stiff to get off, but I didn’t mind that too much because this ensures that there is no movement in the grip once fitted and in place. Something that’s very useful is the built in allen key on the inside of the grip – no need to keep one in your pocket for capsule changes, it’s right there already inside the grip.


The Tornado is a fictional design and isn’t a true replica of any revolver out there, but if you try and aesthetically compare it to anything then maybe the MP-412 Rex revolver from Russia, if you squint and look out of the corner of your eye.


The UX Tornado revolver shoots 10 steel BBs with each load and has both a single-action and double-action trigger.

In addition, it features a sliding safety that locks the hammer.


The plastic sleeve makes this gun especially tough.


Caliber 4,5 mm (.177) BB
Power Source CO2
Magazine capacity 10 shot(s)
Safety manual
Length 260 mm
Barrel length 110 mm
Weight 687 g
Velocity 120 m/s
Trigger Double Action
Shoots per cartridge approx. 120
Energy 2,5 Joule(s)



To conclude, the Umarex Tornado is great fun for some back garden tin can plinking before they go into the recycling and if you want to do what I did and try to get it to hit a target in a way that it’s not really intended, you’ll have great fun doing that too. Price wise, it’s very much at the lower end, but as I mentioned earlier the trigger and action is much better than the price tag might lead you to believe.


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