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Artemis PP700SA PCP AirPistol

                          Artemis PP700S-A Black PCP AirPistol


Artemis Airgun has developed a very easy-to-use airgun that facilitates access to the PCP system. With the PP700 model, you will be able to practice shooting with a powerful and comfortable weapon, and confront your friends on precision tests or plinking.

Products contained in the box:
Artemis PP700S-A pistol, choice of caliber
A set of spare seals
An inflation tip

For what purpose?
The Artemis PP700 is an excellent reference for those who want to learn pre-compressed air blast: easy to use and economical, it is a good introduction to target shooting training.

Able to develop high power, it is also a weapon adapted to the plinking and destruction of cans.

The gun operates on the principle of pre-compressed air (PCP): you have a reserve of air under pressure in a cylinder that propels the projectile.

The benefits of PCP are many:

⦁ The absence of a moving mechanical part (spring, piston ...) reduces the vibrations as well as the noise, thus increasing the comfort of use.
⦁ The shots are more regular, and the size of the groupings is felt.
⦁ The air pressure is not affected by temperature changes, unlike Co2.
The energy delivered varies from one caliber to another: in caliber 4.5 mm, the pistol delivers an energy of 11 Joules, while it rises to 15 Joules in caliber 5.5 mm.

The cylinder is equipped with a manometer indicating at any time the remaining air pressure, and is recharged by means of a supplied nozzle which is introduced into the dedicated orifice, the operating pressure of the cylinder is 207 Bars maximum . Air inflation requires the intervention of a high pressure hand pump or a dive block with a quick connect plug.

The maximum pressure is equipped with a 28 cm rifled barrel, whose considerable length applies to the projectile optimal guidance. Lead is introduced piecemeal by simply tilting a pivoting piece that obstructs the barrel. You just have to arm the dog before you can shoot.

The trigger is adjustable in weight to operate light releases. The aiming point is made possible thanks to the 11 mm rail placed on the case, which will allow the installation of a red dot sight.

Features And Specifications:

Weapon type                                Gun
Shooting mode                             Step by step
Barrel type                                    Striped
Operating mode                            PCP
Ambidextrous                                Yes
Charger                                          No
Color                                              Black
Relaxation operation                      Simple
Information on the fixing rail (s)     11 mm rail on the top of the weapon
Pad material                                   Synthetic
Main material                                  Aluminum
Number of shots                             1 shot
Cannon size                                   280 mm
Length in mm                                 370
Width in mm                                   35
Height in mm                                  140
Weight                                            910 g
Power aprox (construct value)        Rating 4.5 mm: 11 Joules (213 m / s)
                                                                   5.5 mm: 15 Joules (180 m / s)


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