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Baikal IZH MP-61 Airgun

            Baikal IZH MP-61 (.177) Side Lever Spring Piston Air Rifle

 Good things come in small packages, and the Russian-made IZH 61 is no exception This repeating air rifle is so much fun to shoot, you’ll definitely have a tough time putting it down. A spring-powered gun, the Baikal MP-61 is easy to cock and can be used.




Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the IZH MP-61 is a nice light 1.4 pounds and the release stage is also adjustable, you actually need to be careful of accidental shots as the trigger is light enough to go off before you are ready to shoot.


Accuracy: Very good,  using the IZH-61 with initial scope and pellet setup, but second open sight test with different pellets may yielded a very tight 1 inch group from 30 feet out in a standing unrested position.



Build Quality: This is a no-nonsense gun made Russian style, it is built to be cost effective so there are parts that could be made with metal that are plastic but there isn't anything on this gun that feels cheap or poorly built. Baikal also doesn't cheap out on the plastic as not all plastic is the same.                                 


Realism: Since the Baikal IZH-61 is not a replica gun, we really compare it to any existing one rifle out there, but it does look very tactical in design, much more so then your standard spring piston air rifle.





Inexpensive spring piston rifle.

Very unique looking air rifle.

Side pull lever design.

5 round magazine/clip.

Right on the money with FPS.

Adjustable Stock.

Adjustable Trigger.

11mm dovetail rail mount for scopes.

Very light weigh and easy to cock.

Made in Russia

Type: Pellet air rifle.

Manufacturer: Baikal.

Model: IZH MP-61.

Materials: Metal & plastic.




Technical Specs:


4.3 pounds.


18.5 inches, metal-rifled.


Spring piston.



Ammunition Type:                           

.177 caliber pellets.

Ammunition Capacity:                    

 5 rounds.


490 fps.



The Baikal IZH MP-61 is a really nice low cost yet full featured air rifle! You really get a lot of rifle for your money: You get an efficient side lever design with a 5 shot magazines for quick repeat shots, a very light weight and adjustable trigger, an adjustable stock, a rail mount for a scope and one of the more tactical looking air rifles available on the market. This air rifle is designed for target shooting but could also be used for small pest control if your marksmanship is good enough to hit the vital kill zones of your prey.


YouTube Video Review for this Russian made Air rifle:

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