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Baikal IZH MP-61 An Outer Space Airgun! (Eng)

Baikal IZH MP-61 Side Lever Spring Piston Air Rifle
( .177 caliber)



 Baikal MP-61 is a compact and very lightweight side spring tensioning carabiner, which can be successfully used to learn shooting for children and adolescents.



In the Russian arms factory Baikal in Iżewsk, apart from firearms, there are also carbines and pneumatic guns, whose quality and reliability outclasses eastern products. The manufacturer focuses on proven solutions, good quality materials and solidity, making each windbreaker Baikal an investment for years. Baikal products are a good choice for people who are starting their adventure with shooting, sports clubs and all looking for an inexpensive and long-lasting carabiner or pneumatic gun.


Baikal MP-61 is a simple and solid carabiner, with high ergonomics and comfort of use . Polymer windbreaks are lightweight, also have high resistance to atmospheric conditions and humidity, thanks to which its maintenance is reduced to a minimum. High ergonomics and comfort of shooting, the carbine gained thanks to the adjustable length of the flask (with a screw) and the use of a profiled pistol grip, increasing the control over the windbreaker.





The spring is tightened by means of a lateral (right-hand) lever. Side pull is the best and most convenient solution if you plan to shoot frequently in a lying posture.




The carabiner is powered from a removable magazine with a capacity of 5 pellets 4.5 mm (2 magazines in a set), which is a rarity in this class of airguns. 4.5 mm diabolo shot is fed automatically into the threaded barrel when the lever is pulled.




What deserves attention is the adjustable trigger mechanism with two noticeable stages of operation and a small rejection , which makes shooting with the Baikal MP-61 rifle very pleasant and enjoyable.





The carabiner has mechanical sights (adjustable rifle and tunnel bow tie), which thanks to the 11 mm rail can be replaced with a selected optical sight, useful for shooting at longer distances.




 Baikal MP-61 is a robust, modern designed air rifle, which uses many solutions known from high-class airguns. Recommended for recreational shooting and shooting lessons.







Type: Pellet air rifle.

Manufacturer: Baikal.

Model: IZH MP-61.

Materials: Metal & plastic.

Weight: 4.3 pounds.

Barrel: 18.5 inches, metal-rifled.

Propulsion: Spring piston.

Action: Repeater.

Ammunition Type: .177 caliber pellets.

Ammunition Capacity: 5 rounds.

FPS: 490




The Baikal IZH MP-61 is a really nice low cost yet full featured air riffle! You really get a lot of rifle for your money: You get an efficient side lever design with a 5 shot magazines for quick repeat shots, a very light weight and adjustable trigger, an adjustable stock, a rail mount for a scope and one of the more tactical looking air rifles available on the market. The Baikal MP-61 also takes the FPS right up to the limit without going over so no license or PAL is required to own this one in Pakistan. This air rifle is designed for target shooting but could also be used for small pest control if your marksmanship is good enough to hit the vital kill zones of your prey.

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