All you need to know about Diana 240 Classic Airgun - Scopes and Barrels

All you need to know about Diana 240 Classic Airgun



DIANA Air Rifles are valued worlwide for their well-developed construction, quality and outstanding firing properties. When used carefully , this model can give you many years of enjoyment.


A low cost entry-model with straight classic wooden stock featuring TRUGLO fiber-optic-sights, adjustable T05-trigger. 7,5 Joules of power, top equipment and high precision guarantee maximum leisure-time fun.
Calibre: 5.5mm (.22) Youth Airgun
On the surface, the Diana 240 Classic is a break barrel rifle that’s made for older youth. We say on the surface, because, like most other guns made for this market (Daisy 853 etc.), it also appeals to experienced air gunners who just want to shoot and aren’t concerned with velocity.
The 240 Classic is small but not petite. It’s 40 inches long, with a pull of 13.5 inches. That puts it into the comfortable range for many adults. The rifle weighs 5.7 lbs. according to the specs.


The stock is a classic beechwood stock with no embellishments. It looks very similar to a model 27 stock, except this one has a black plastic buttplate, where the 27 butt is plain wood with a rubber button to prevent slippage when the rifle is leaned in the corner.
All the metal parts are deeply blackened and polished smooth. They have a luster but not a deep polish. There are some plastic parts like the trigger, triggerguard and the front sight assembly. But the rifle is made mostly the same as they made them in the 1970s.

The rifle comes with open sights. The rear has a fiberoptic tube (a green dot on either side of the rear notch) and is adjustable both ways. The front sight is a hooded fiberoptic tube atop a plastic ramp.
There are also two parallel dovetail grooves cut into the top of the spring tube, 11 millimeters apart. Unlike the more expensive Diana spring rifles, there is no scope base mounted — just those grooves.


Diana 240 Classis trigger:
The two-stage trigger has one screw in front of the blade that adjusts the length of the first stage travel length.


Shooting impression:
It cocks easy (specs. say 20 lbs. and that sounds about right) but the ball bearing detent is stiff and requires a muzzle slap to break the barrel open. The stroke is short because the rifle doesn’t develop a lot of power. Specs. says 495 fps in velocity The rifle shoots smooth with a very light recoil.



   Approximate weight    5.7 lbs
   Overall Lenght    41"
   Stock Material    Timber
   Barrel Length                                              16.5"
   Sights     Open
   Break Barrel     Yes
   Muzzle Velocity     495 fps


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