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Do you know about the cheapest PCP Air Pistol?

Snow Peak Airguns/Artemis, the Chinese premium Airgun manufacturer has been surprising us with a lot of good looking, cheap and high quality airguns, at we have been discussing a few of their models lately. Snow Peak Airguns, has surprised us yet again. 

This time we are going to discuss the cheapest PCP Air Pistol that Artemis/ Snow Peak Airguns has produced, Model PP700W. In Europe it was introduced back in Dec 2015 with the brand names of SPA PP700 and SMK PP700. In USA, Mrod-Air is official distributor, branding this air pistol as Air Max Precision Match PCP Pistol. In Pakistan, we have this in both Snow Peak Airguns & Artemis brand names. 

The first thing you note when picking up the .22 PP700W Air Pistol is how well constructed yet lightweight it is. At just under 900 grams without optics, the pistol seems a bit back heavy, however with optics mounted this balance issue is resolved. The quality of the machining and the finish is top rate.

The manufacturer offers this Air Pistol in 4.5 mm Caliber and 5.5 mm Caliber, they claim that it's velocity in 4.5 mm caliber is 700 FPS and gives up to 25 shots in full power and 5.5 mm caliber it gives 600 FPS and tank goes for 20 shots in full power.    

It comes with 12mm Dovetail rail and has an adjustable trigger. This is a regulated air pistol so you can adjust the pressure accordingly. Length of PP700W is 370 mm, Width is 35 mm and Height is 130 mm. 

The external hammer really sets this pistol apart from anything else currently available in it’s price range. It is a fun pistol to shoot, and has a small enough air cylinder to keep those who rely on using pumps to fill their PCPs happy.

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