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Shaheen Shotgun Cartridges

Shaheen 12Bore cartridges is a legacy product of WIL, being public limited company and sole national manufacturer, we are providing supply to all across the board for over 60 years and giving employment opportunities to hundreds of employees and running their family affairs.

As to our relentless efforts and to our vision; making Shaheen Cartridges as an International brand, we have gained historical milestone by obtaining Export permit first time in 60years, an order to go across geographical boundaries.

12 Bore Shaheen Cartridges, a name which has guaranteed success for several decades. Whether we talk of hunting, trap, skeet or security; SHAHEEN fulfills all demands placed on any modern and versatile cartridge.

Shaheen cartridges are subjected to strict quality checks. To ensure the best results good ignition of primer is carefully tested under extreme conditions. Different function checks are also carried out with various models of old and new shotguns to ensure the versatility and compatibility of Shaheen cartridges.

Shaheen cartridges come over 24 varieties which include Hunting and Target loads. Shaheen plastic tube and roll crimped with improved plastic wad ensures accurate shot pattern and better uniformity of groups.

Target Load: 
Shaheen target load uses the highest quality materials and manufactured with great care under ISO certified processes. The powder used ensures ballistic reliability and consistency even under severe climatic conditions.

Shaheen Trap: 
The Trap cartridges using 24 grams hardened lead shot weight, develops a light recoil and is easy on the shoulder during long shooting sessions. Barrel jump is minimized, allowing the shooter to keep his aiming line correct.

Shaheen Skeet 
The Skeet cartridges are loaded with 24 grams hardened pellets, develops the ideal increase in dispersion needed for this short range discipline, and its high residual shot energy acts efficiently as a clay buster.


For more details, please contact Mr. Adeel 021-32789416 or 0333-2311499

or visit our outlet Pioneer Arms Centre, 12 Jabbar Plaza Mansfield Street Saddar Karachi. 

*Valid Arms License is must for this product. 

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