Specially For Ruger Lovers: Umarex Ruger SuperHawk 8"Chrome Co2 Powered Replica Airsoft

Mar 20, 19
Specially For Ruger Lovers: Umarex Ruger SuperHawk 8'Chrome Co2 Powered Replica Airsoft

Umarex Ruger SuperHawk 8"Chrome

Co2 Powered Replica



UMarex RUGER Superhawk 8"

Chrome CO2


The RUGER Superhawk 8” revolver replica is powered by carbon dioxide. The replica’s main body is made of an homogenous alloy of zinc and aluminum, the pistol grip and the magazine cases are made of plastic.

The CO2 capsule which powers the replica is placed in the pistol grip every time.



The revolver is equipped with a 22mm RIS rail which allows the mount of an optical device.



A magazine which has got the form of a case was used in this construction, it holds 8 BB pellets. The set includes two cases and each holds 8 BB pellets. This allows for a quick, as for a revolver, reload.

 Thanks to the muzzle velocity of about 570 FPS and the barrel length of 210mm, the replica is accurate and has got an incredible effective range.



  • Made of: metal and plastic
  • Length: 355m
  • Weight: 1050g
  • Muzzle velocity: about 570 FPS
  • Magazine capacity: 2 x 8 BB pellets
  • Manufacturer: Umarex



Technical Data:

Caliber 6 mm BB
Power Source 12 g CO2 capsule
Magazine capacity 8 shot(s)
Sights adjustable
Max. energy 3 Joule(s)
Length 345mm
Weight 990 g
Trigger Double Action
Special feature(s) approx. 180 shots with one capsule

 Velocity                                                                   175 m/s


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