Blog: Daewoo DP51 Pistol Review - Scopes and Barrels

Blog: Daewoo DP51 Pistol Review

Daewoo DP51 Pistol 



The Daewoo Precision Industries K5 or K5/DP51 series is a 9×19mm semi-automatic pistol ... This allows a more accurate first shot due to the lighter weight of the trigger. It is also safer due to the longer trigger travel required to fire the pistol.

Weight‎: ‎734 g (25.9 oz) DP51; 751 g (26.5 oz) ...
In service‎: ‎1989–present
Action‎: ‎Semi-automatic
Barrel length‎: ‎104.14 mm (4.1 in)DP51 (MKII)


For details contact: 02135640158

*Valid Arms License is must for this transaction. 

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