FN M4-RIS - Semi Auto

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The Cybergun M4 RIS CO2 powered airgun is a replica of the famous M4 assault rifle used by military and law enforcement agencies around the world. It is designed to shoot 4.5mm steel BBs and is powered by a CO2 canister that is housed in the gun's stock. Cybergun FN Herstal M4 RIS air rifle has the possibility of firing in a semi- automatic mode. The air rifle is made of metal and polymer characterized by high durability and impact resistance. The body is covered with a matte black coating that protects against scratches and glare.

The gun features a full metal body with a rail system (RIS) that allows for the attachment of various accessories such as scopes, flashlights, and grips. It also has an adjustable hop-up system that allows for increased accuracy over longer distances. The barrel has a 14 mm left-hand thread, which makes it possible to mount any fire or sound suppressor. 

The stock length adjustment system allows you to choose the right position, and thus adjust the rifle to the preferences and build of the shooter. The non-slip texture on the butt plate and the pistol grip helps to stabilize the airgun during the shot. The air rifle is equipped with a fire mode selector.

Specification Details
Model Cybergun M4 RIS CO2 powered airgun
Caliber 4.5mm steel BBs
Magazine Capacity 18 rounds
Velocity 147 m/s (484 fps)
Power Source CO2 canister (housed in stock)
Body Material Metal and Polymer
Rail System Yes (RIS)
Hop-up System Adjustable
Overall Length 76cm (30 inches)
Weight 2.7kg (5.95 pounds)
Safety Manual
Recommended Use Target shooting only


Note: 4.5mm air guns are not suitable for Airsoft. They are only meant for precision shooting.

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